Who run the world? Dogs! That is if the effortlessly cool facial expression of Imgur user furiouslumberjack‘s pup is anything to go by. Furiouslumberjack had been attempting to photograph this moment for a long time, before finally capturing his dog’s “favorite expression.” We don’t know what must have been said to her before the photo was taken – perhaps someone had the temerity to suggest that cats make better pets? Either way, this smart gal was just not buying it.

She was one skeptical pup!

With One Brilliantly Skeptical Glance, Adorable Pup Proves That Dogs Are the Best




Some commenters thought that the dog had just received the news that her guardians were about “to try cooking again,” or was thinking, “Get adopted, they said. It will be fun, they said.” We wouldn’t blame her for rolling her eyes – as we all know, hoomans can be very silly at times! But rest assured, sweet girl, that we’re not all bad. Those of us who are partial to canines tend to love a good cuddle-and-playtime session, and we’re always ready for a bit of mischief! Oh, and did we mention that we also like to shower our pups with delicious dog treats every now and then?

Let’s hope that this dog will be able to forgive her hoomans for whatever ridiculous thing they said or did in front of her. If you are thinking of welcoming a new pooch or another animal companion into your life, check out some of the posts below:

Image source: furiouslumberjack/Imgur