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It’s like stealing candy from a baby, except the candy is a cookie and the thief is an adorable pug in this hilarious video. Whenever the baby goes for the cookie, the pug makes sure to get it back.

Perhaps the pug is presenting a life lesson of sharing to the new baby of the house. We learn to share our toys, our ideas, and eventually this develops into empathy and generosity but only if we experience what sharing is at a young age. However, instead of showing the baby how to share, the pug is showing the baby what not to do.

It’s all in good fun though, as the two interact on the carpet. If not a life lesson, maybe the pug is still a little upset that he isn’t the baby of the household any more and just doesn’t want the baby to take one more thing from his grasp. I’m sure this pug and the baby will soon mend their differences and be partners in crime, just not when it comes to cookies!

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113 comments on “Battle of the Cookie! Pug vs. Baby (VIDEO)”

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Don't be so quick to blame the dog...
4 Years Ago

Working at a shelter, I frequently talk to people who want to give up their dog because of its "aggression" toward their children. One case that broke my heart was a woman who called saying she wanted to "get rid of" of 6-year old dog because it had snapped at one of her sons. When I asked what was going on at the time, she said her son had jumped on the dog. I tried to explain that the dog was either startled and/or hurt and acted instinctively. To my amazement and horror, she replied that her three sons had jumped on the dog "hundreds of times" and it had never snapped before and that she couldn't have a "vicious dog" around her children. Without thinking, I told her that if her kids had been jumping on this poor dog for years and that this was the FIRST time the dog had snapped, she had an incredibly tolerant dog and should be thankful nothing had happened before now. Of course, this isn't what the woman wanted to hear and she said she'd have the dog 'put down' before she let it hurt one of her kids. My heart broke for that poor dog as well as those kids (although not as much as for the dog) because it's inevitable that at least one of them is going to get bit by some dog because their mother wasn't teaching them what is and ISN'T appropriate behavior toward animals. Every dog - no matter how gentle or tolerant - has a breaking point. We, as intelligent human beings, should respect the incredible tolerance animals show us and we should make sure we raise our children to have that same respect.

4 Years Ago

Good dog. Bad parents. Bad training for the baby, too. If the dog has it, you don't touch it.

4 Years Ago

Stupid parents. They are lucky that their child didn't get bitten. The dog was giving off all sorts of signs that it wanted the baby to stay away from the cookie. Might not be so lucky next time if the dog has "had enough". Doesn't matter what the breed the dog is, they all give signs when stressed, warning that they've had enough. Be aware how to read a dogs body language and don't ignore it. Dogs give warning signals before they bite a child.

Sabrina Brewer
4 Years Ago

Not adorable nor hilarious. Just plain irresponsible!

Kimberly Roy Barner
4 Years Ago

Funny until the dog bites. You can clearly hear him/her growling. Idiot adults.

Lexili La
4 Years Ago

Serdar Subatli !!! haha immer diese russen

Serdar Subatli
12 Jan 2014

xD hahaha aww der dicke Mops^^

Jenna Lee
4 Years Ago

Yes it is cute . However this is how children get bit . Please remember dogs ARE ANIMALS . You shouldn't encourage anyone to take food from animals of any kind .

Christa Ackerman
4 Years Ago

The pug isn't growling. Lol. He's snorting. All Puggies make that sound. It's called BREATHING.

Melanie Schrader Ertman
4 Years Ago

Agree, this is a very dangerous thing to do...very irresponsible.

Laura Voss Monahan
4 Years Ago

This is not cute or funny, it's dangerous. Come on OGP, use your head.


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