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In the springtime, everything comes to life – the sun is shining, the grass in our gardens finally grows high, little rabbits peek out of their nests. With this in mind, Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc posted a video warning us about how some of these things require our special attention to avoid any harm to animals this season.

Rabbit nests are usually very well concealed among lawns – they look just like patches of dead grass, but underneath, bunches of baby rabbits wait for their mom to come feed them. It is especially important to be aware of how inconspicuous a rabbit nest looks and to check the lawn for any before cutting the grass.

Finding a rabbit nest full of little babies but with no adult rabbit in sight is also not a direct emergency. Mother rabbits are away from their nests for the most of the day, coming back to feed the babies a couple of times. If the babies are growing, and are being fed, the best thing to do is just leave them where they are to be further tended to by their mom and, once they are big enough, leave the nest and explore the world on their own.

Remember, if you ever come across an injured wild animal, it’s always best to consult a professional before taking action!

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Patty M
2 Months Ago

One of my dogs found a nest of bunnies last summer in my hay field. I put a small fence around it so I could find it again to check on them and make sure they were ok. I contacted a holistic vet in my area who also happens to be a wildlife rescuer and told her the situation. She advised me NOT to try to take care of the babies myself because when humans intervene the babies almost always don\'t make it. We just don\'t know how to be a mama bunny! One night there was a storm coming and I sent a mental message to the mama that she needed to move the babies to a safer place (if the hole had filled up with water, they might drown). The next morning when I went to check on them, she had moved them! Maybe she didn\'t need my message to know that, but I felt better because I had tried to help. :-)

4 Months Ago

Saw a baby rabbit on a walkway at my friend\'s house. I had read this article and went to the first brown patch in lawn, which was near the baby. Sure enough, there was the rabbit\'s nest. Put baby back. Hope all is okay. This little one definitely looked too young to be out of nest. When I lifted patch of dead grass I saw other little heads. We had been doing lots of yard work and that baby was nowhere in sight. It was after we came back from the recycling plant that we discovered this baby on the walkway. I\'m glad I read this article because I wouldn\'t have known where to look. My friend was about to call a wildlife rescue, but I said we need to look under the dead patches in lawn. She\'s going to keep an eye on the patch to make sure mom is coming back.

11 Months Ago

Can someone give me tips to find my baby rabbitd? My yard is big and there isn\'t any grass, mostly just sand, and there are a lot of holes, some going deep into the ground. I don\'t know how to find them, since I can\'t see into the holes so any tips?

1 Years Ago

That\'s amazing! Good to know. I get lots of big bunnies in my yard, so I must search my yard to see if there are any nests. The nest does look like a patch of dead grass and I have quite a few of those. My gosh, I mow over those areas--kind of hard to avoid when there is healthy grass around the dead spots. I hope I haven\'t caused any damage to a nest, or worse, the babies!


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