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Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare (AAM&W), a public shelter in Amarillo, Texas, claims to provide “humane care for … stray, injured, abused and relinquished animals.” Yet when a pregnant Pit Bull known as G7 was surrendered to the shelter by her owner, the facility’s staff treated the sweet pup in a way that no decent human being would consider humane.

A day after arriving at the shelter, G7 went into labor and began giving birth to her puppies. Dacia Anderson, a volunteer from the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society, was at AAM&W taking photos of dogs that day and noticed G7 having her pups. Upon closer inspection, she realized that G7 was laying directly on the concrete and had no whelping box, a device made to ensure the safety of puppies as they are born.

Reasonably concerned for the well-being of G7 and her pups, Anderson went to the shelter’s main office area to alert them that G7 was in labor and needed attention. She was told to talk to Mr. Havens, the shelter’s director. Once she found him, Mr. Havens reportedly told her to find Christy, the organization’s assistant director. On her way to do so, Anderson encountered another shelter employee and described G7’s situation, at which point this employee promised to take care of the issue. Soon after, Anderson saw an AAM&W kennel attendant putting together a whelping box and assumed that G7 and her puppies would get the help they needed.

Unfortunately, Anderson found out a bit later in the day that her presumption was wrong: Instead of giving them the care they needed, the shelter staff had decided to euthanize G7 and her puppies. As Anderson reported in a Facebook post, the shelter told her that G7 spent the final seconds of her life trying to clean her just-birthed young.

In an attempt to justify the monstrous act, Havens reportedly claimed on a television news report that the shelter did a “humane thing” by euthanizing G7 and her pups because the mother dog’s previous owner reported that she was aggressive, meaning she was ineligible for adoption or foster care.

Anderson struck down this notion, pointing out that G7 was put with the general population of dogs at the shelter and was not marked as dangerous. Furthermore, when Anderson took a photo of G7, the abandoned Pit Bull was understandably scared, but she was perfectly friendly and showed no signs of viciousness.

“She was not euthanized before she went into labor, she was not euthanized after, she was euthanized as she was delivering puppies. So aggressive or not, I don’t know where you can excuse this or say ‘this is why we did it,'” Anderson reportedly said.

If you agree with Anderson that the AAM&W directors’ decision to kill G7 and her pups was the exact opposite of humane, please sign this petition on Care2 to tell Amarillo’s City Manager that these individuals should be fired immediately before they can senselessly end the lives of any more innocent animals. We owe it to G7 and her puppies to get these people who are clearly unfit to decide which animals live and which ones die out of their positions of power!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay

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