This story breaks our hearts into a million pieces. Recently, the kind people at St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue, an organization based in southern Louisana, found a mother dog in a horrific state. The dog, who has since been named Libby, was found TETHERED to a tree while actively giving birth to her babies.

Unable to move, Libby had no other option but to give birth covered in filth, ants, and mosquitoes. 

Libby’s puppies were still wet when her rescuer arrived on the scene. As a dedicated mama, she was desperately trying to protect all of her little ones the best she could. Sadly, one was found drowning in blood and despite the efforts to save them, the puppy passed. 

Libby had four more puppies when she arrived at St. Landry Parish and Animal Control and Rescue, making a total of 12 surviving puppies. The family has since been moved to Bellevue Vet Clinic so that 24/7 care can be provided. Since Libby is malnourished and unable to provide milk of her own for her babies, the puppies are being hand fed formula.

As for Libby, she is currently on an IV to help with her low body weight. We are keeping this sweet family in our thoughts! 


While Libby and her puppies thankfully were rescued, there are millions of animals around the world who are still looking for their happy ending. If you notice an animal who is being mistreated, call your local rescue or shelter so that they can come and evaluate the situation. And remember, dogs can get cold just like people. It’s not enough to let dogs in your house, you need to prepare them with the proper equipment to whether the elements – just like a child. Provide your puppy with snow boots for the winter and (if they don’t have a thick coat) a nice warm jacket.

Libby’s case is currently under investigation and animal cruelty charges are being pursued. If you would like to donate towards this families on-going care, you can make a donation directly to the veterinarian by calling: 337-942-7126.

For more information on St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue, click here.

Image Source: St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue/Facebook