This was certainly one of the most dramatic Hope for Paws rescues yet. Though it involves a little poodle, it is often the little ones that pack the most painful bites! Loretta and Eldad responded to the call for help and headed to the desert location. It wasn’t long before Eldad noticed the poor pup had a missing paw on his back left leg.

The rescue team took their time earning the poodle’s trust – with the help of food and gentle petting. With the food running low and loud sounds from the nearby gardening equipment, they had to make the executive decision to act quickly and scruff the little guy … it was a few minutes of terror for a lifetime of happiness. Unfortunately, Loretta sustained several deep bite wounds but as we all know by now, she’s one tough cookie! (As an important reminder, these are professional rescuers – don’t try to do this on your own!)


Once they loaded the dog, now named Washington, into the vehicle, his whole demeanor changed. He wagged his tail and even played with Eldad! Once Washington arrived at the vet he was examined, groomed, and given immediate treatment– he was such a good boy during it all and he looked like a million bucks afterward. We are so glad that Hope for Paws doesn’t give up on these scared, innocent animals.

Washington is now a happy, healthy, and beautiful boy that is looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting this handsome devil, contact Paw Prints in the Sand, here.

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