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When power is in the wrong hands, it can be a very dangerous thing. Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents where police officers have reacted hastily without thought and shot and killed people’s beloved pets in their very own homes, often with the unproven claim that they felt threatened by the animals. A tragedy similar to this occurred in Crawford County, Georgia.

Nate Goodwin was at work when he received a call from his girlfriend, informing him that their beloved two-year-old Pit Bull named Big Boy had been shot and killed by a police officer after a neighbor reported the dog for biting. Goodwin rushed home, but the nightmare was far from over. Although the interaction between Goodwin and the officer who killed Big Boy was calm, matters took a turn for the worse when sheriff’s investigator James Hollis showed up to the scene.

Hollis ordered Goodwin to behead his dead dog or be arrested and taken to jail. When Goodwin asked what crime he was committing by not beheading his beloved dog, the officer said he could take him in for “disorderly conduct.” Seeing no other option, Goodwin was then forced to use a kitchen knife to cut off Big Boy’s head while the officer ordered Goodwin’s girlfriend, who was in tears, to put the dog’s head in a plastic bag. She was told that the head needed to be brought to the health department to test for rabies. Goodwin later explained that the officers offered him the option to call a veterinarian and pay to have the head removed, but he was unable to afford the expense.

Executing his rights, Goodwin recorded this shocking and disturbing incident, and the videos which have not been taken down have gone viral and stirred an uproar. You can watch the footage here, but we warn you, it is very graphic and upsetting.

A petition on Care2 has been written to demand justice for Big Boy and his family and fire James Hollis from his position. His actions are an egregious abuse of power and someone with such a lack of compassion and sound judgment should not be given the position which he has.

Please take a moment to sign the petition and make sure you share it with your network to increase support for justice for this dog and his grieving family.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay

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172 comments on “Police Ordered Man to Behead His Dog, Who Had Just Been Shot, or Go to Jail — Demand Justice Now!”

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Ruth Eisenbud
9 Months Ago

violent undertones:
“A note to all happy families gathering around tables with a centerpiece of a murdered innocent - enjoy.
Apparently God thought no more of his "only begotten son" than a piece of meat - for, after all, he had his only son tortured and crucified because he was pissed at Adam and Eve and some of their offspring - so - Jesus is now heroically called "the lamb of god" and that\'s ok with most Christians. Kill the human "lamb of god," then eat the human "lamb of god" at communion time while crossing yourself, and then to celebrate Easter, go take a living, breathing, real baby lamb and eat that, too. Good killing and Good Eating.
P.S. If no baby lambs are available at your local market, and your neighbor farmer won\'t sell you a baby lamb, a pig will do.” - name with held

Genesis 9:1-3 “The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

The power, the glory and the fury of genesis were felt by a family dog & his guardian in the bible belt state of Georgia, USA:

Hellen Nikas
10 Months Ago

So sad

Jesse Jayne
10 Months Ago


Grace MacGuire
10 Months Ago

Because Goodwin is a twisted sadistic sociopath! He must give up his badge and gun, be fired without suspension pay and a pension and be criminally prosecuted!

L.J. Sheridan
10 Months Ago

Wtf?! Who the hell agrees to behead their pet?! It’s dead, I’d rather die and join it than do this. What planet is this guy on?! (And yes, the actions of the police are horrific, and I have signed, but Christ what is wrong with the owner?!)

Simone-Elizabeth Frankel
10 Months Ago

I would be suing for psychological damages!

Nancy Bromberger
10 Months Ago

Fire the officer and sue the police force

Kevin Gaylord
10 Months Ago

That Officer is done! He will never hold a badge again!!

Nita Gossett Tolman
10 Months Ago

WHAT?!????? Are you kidding me???? Id have that officers head!!! That’s power at its worst!!! Who trained this moron??!

Ella Jordan Sharpe
10 Months Ago

I know there are evil people in the world so I follow sites such as One Green Planet to get away from it. Please tell me what this abuse has to do with your page One Green Planet? I've had to unfollow other pages such as yours because the nastiness crawls in. Please don't share these things. Nothing I can do about it so I don't want to see it.

Debbie Kalagian
09 Dec 2017

This is on this page to get signatures for a petition! If you don\'t want to see it JUST DON\'T WATCH!

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