For years, New York pizza has held the coveted title as one of the best slices in the country by both natives and tourists alike. For some, this means a dollar slice on St. Mark’s Place, others spend their days looking for the most unique slices Manhattan has to offer. Well, there hasn’t been anything quite as unique in the pizza world, as Matthew Kenney’s latest creations. The vegan chef has spent the last several years opening up plant-based eateries all around the country, his latest one being 00+Co, a vegan pizza “concept” that will change the way you think about this traditional dish.

While vegan pizza isn’t exactly new to the NYC food scene, Matthew Kenney has discarded the idea that plant-based pizza has to perfectly emulate cheese-based pies, and is instead offering up a much broader selection of toppings. The pies will contain quality Italian 00 flour and nut-based cheeses with fresh toppings aimed to create an energizing pizza, as opposed to a greasy one. Kenney’s emphasis for the pizza is simple: an abundance of vegetables, pesto, and other condiments that are complementary to the spirit of pizza, but are also healthy! How does a smoke oyster mushroom, walnut cream, green harissa, and lemon pizza sound? Sounds pretty amazing to us!


In addition to the pizza, Kenney has crafted a menu of cooked and raw small plates, that are both earthy and refreshing. Some stand-outs include Crostini of Roasted Delicate Squash with Smoked Almond Ricotta and Beet Ravioli with pistachio pesto and Meyer lemon cream. Guests who are used to seeing vegetables used solely as entrée garnishes will see them completely transformed in these ingenious plant-based dishes.

While regular pizza may continue to reign supreme for the time being, New Yorkers and tourists who want to expand their pizza repertoire will enjoy Kenney’s novel creations. The chef has said himself, he is aiming to “craft the future of food.” One thing is for sure, the pizza category will never be the same.

Image source: 00+co/Facebook