Dog chaining poses serious risks to a dog’s health: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. When Hope for Paws got a call about two Pit Bulls who were left chained under a freeway, Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz headed out to save them.

Upon arrival, Lisa notified a nearby officer of their intentions and set off to get the dogs the help they desperately needed. The Pitties had clearly been chained for a long while, as they were surrounded by their own feces and had no food or water. The chains were barely long enough for the dogs to turn around!


Although nervous, both dogs were extremely friendly and were given the names Sir Guinness and Moose. Lisa placed a lucky leash around each dog and assured them that they were going to be ok. The freedom ride was soon underway, and the first stop was the vet for an exam. The second stop was at Sunny Day Acres for training. Just look how happy they are!

The adorable duo is now up for adoption through Doggie Bonez and ready for a safe, happy, and loving forever home. If you are interested in making this happy ending the beginning of a new chapter for Sir Guinness and Moose, click here.

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