When adopting a new pet is not possible, fostering has proven to be one of the most rewarding options in tackling the homeless pet crisis. By opening your home and heart to fostering, you are allowing shelters to open up another space which allows them to save another animal in need. For the animal being fostered, it means having a safe and stable place to recover from whatever situation they have been rescued from.

One such dog currently in need of a foster home is a handsome fellow named Lucky. Lucky recently came into the care of Saving Sage Animal Rescue after being found near death in the woods. Reportedly, the sweet boy had been staying with someone in the woods until they up and left, leaving Lucky to fend for himself. Thankfully, rescue came just in time and Lucky has been recovering ever since.


Lucky was severely malnourished and emaciated when he was found. He was extremely weak, lonely, and fighting to stay alive.

Regardless of the betrayal he has experienced, he is still the biggest cuddle muffin, desperate for love and attention. Who can resist those eyes?!

Lucky has made progress by leaps and bounds. He has reportedly gained around 10 pounds, his infections are healing, and his wounds have closed up.  Look how kissable he is!



Saving Sage Animal Rescue has brought Lucky a long way from his sad past, but he needs your help now. This sweet boy needs emotional support that can only be provided at a stable home with personal attention. Lucky’s abandonment issues continue to haunt him in the form of separation anxiety and it will take time for him to learn that he doesn’t have to to be afraid anymore. He has so much love to give and deserves the same back.

If you are interested in being the “lucky” receiver of Lucky’s wet and gushy kisses, click here.

All Image Source: Saving Sage Animal Rescue/ Facebook