Hudson pit bull puppy

Last fall, a group of three pit bull pups were left to die on a railroad track in Albany, N.Y. by their former owner. The puppies suffered from dehydration, malnourishment, and infection and injury to their paws, authorities told WNYT. Sadly, only two of the pups survived – Pearl lost two toes and Hudson had to have part of his leg amputated.

With some love and veterinary care, these two puppies were soon put up for adoption at the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society. Pearl found her forever home with the Kittle family and Hudson went happily to the Nash family, reports WNYT.


The man responsible for the abuse of these dogs and another four dogs he left earlier in the year in a cold U-Haul truck (these dogs were adopted, too) was sentenced to six months in jail, so at least some justice was served, though arguably not enough.

The now one-year-old amputee pit bull pup Hudson was recently fitted with a special prosthetic paw nicknamed the “Blade Runner Paw” thanks to Animal Ortho Care, LLC, in Chantilly, Va. He is doing well with his new limb, and with time, he’ll be able to live a relatively normal life once he is fully adjusted.

Watch Hudson’s heartwarming story below as he receives his new prosthetic paw!


Image source: Daily Mail