We don’t always have to spend a lifetime with an animal in order for them to make a lasting impact in our hearts. When Angel, the Pit Bull, arrived at the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS), her sweet and enchanting nature captured the hearts of staff and volunteers alike. This loving pup was brought to the shelter by a Bethel, Connecticut animal control officer named Steve — their time together was short, but Angel already saw Steve as a friend. According to Kristen, one of the humans who helped care for Angel during her time at the shelter, “When Steve left, you looked out the window at him, and cried and cried. I told you then I’d do the best I could to take care of you, and soon you’d have a home of your own.”

During her time at the shelter, this amazing pup made a huge impact on the humans around her, from “[teaching] a little girl to not be afraid of dogs” and “[changing] perceptions on pit bulls being scary.” A year and a half later, Kristen came through with her promise and Angel finally went to her new forever home where she would be treated like royalty, as all dogs deserve to be.


“I know it took a while, but you were so patient, as you always are. Today, I finally got to watch you from that very window walk to the car with your new dad, Bob.” Kristen wrote in her goodbye to Angel.


A pretty, princess-ified Angel the Pit Bull gets ready for her voyage to her new forever home. 

Dog Gets Adopted, Becomes Princess (PHOTOS)




We’re so happy that Angel has finally found the forever home she deserves, where she can cuddle up to her human every day. She may not be able to understand the letter that was addressed to her, but believe us — it would probably make her cry (it sure made us tear up a little). If you’re considering welcome a dog into your life, please adopt and never shop. There are sweet dogs like Angel in every shelter.

To learn more about the Danbury Animal Welfare Society, visit their official website.

All image source: Danbury Animal Welfare Society/Facebook