When we hear news about animals who have been abused by humans, it can be easy to shut down and lose hope in humanity. But for every cruel person out there, there seems to be at least a handful of incredibly compassionate people as well. And thanks to a kind group of rescuers, one neglected dog is getting a second chance.

Manhattan’s Animal Care Centers (ACC) of New York City recently took in an adult Pit Bull who weighed in at only 15 pounds. Staff believes the scared dog was forced to stay in a crate for so long that her muscles atrophied and she was barely unable to walk or stand. The Manhattan ACC reached out to Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a non-profit rescue organization. The dog has since been named Hope and was immediately rushed to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s 24/7 emergency vet’s office.


Hope has been described by staff as “quiet and extremely docile” and will lay in your arms

The emergency vet is currently running extensive bloodwork to check her organ function and blood values. Hope is also on intravenous fluids. We are keeping this sweet girl in our thoughts!


Because Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had no other option but to rush Hope to the emergency veterinarian to save her life, the pup’s medical bills are starting to soar. If you’d like to donate to Hope’s medical care and on-going treatment, click here. We are so thankful Hope is now in caring hands and will finally receive the care she deserves!

You might think that if you don’t secure your pooch in their crate when you’re away that they’ll wreak havoc on your home, but doing so might be causing unnecessary stress to your pooch. Keeping a dog isolated in a crate with little stimulation and no interaction can make your best friend depressed. And as we see with Hope’s story, it could lead to animal cruelty. Instead, try and dog-proof a room or area of your house and be sure to leave toys or games for your dog to keep them occupied when you’re gone.

For ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, click here.

To learn more about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and the incredible work they do on behalf of our furry friends, click here.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC