Pit Bulls often get a bad rap for being aggressive, dangerous, and violent. But Jake the Dog, who recently became the Hanahan Fire Department’s newest firefighter, is proving that those stereotypes are just plain false.

When Jake was only a few weeks old, he was caught in a house fire. Thankfully, William Lindler of the Hanahan Fire Department in South Carolina, saw smoke coming from his neighbor’s yard and rushed in to save Jake. While the pup made it out alive, unfortunately, he sustained numerous serious burn wounds.


With severe burns covering nearly 75 percent of his body, he was taken to the Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek. Sadly, his family abandoned him there and he was left without a home.

This Pit Bull Proves that Pit Bulls are Fighters–Fire Fighters, that is!

But the huge-hearted Lindler, the very fireman who saved his life, couldn’t stand to see Jake without a loving family. He decided to adopt him, and it’s been friendship and cuddles ever since.

This Pit Bull Proves that Pit Bulls are Fighters–Fire Fighters, that is!

As Jake recovered, Lindler had the amazing idea to get Jake certified to become a firefighter. Having experienced a fire himself, Jake is a symbol of resilience and strength. Now, Jake visits schools and teaches children about fire safety.


“I would honestly like to get him certified to be a therapy dog for burned children,” Lindler explained.  “I would like them to know that no matter how bad it is, this little guy beat the odds being burned as bad as he was at four weeks old and he’s still beautiful.”


Jake’s transformation is a true inspiration, and he just goes to show that with the right guardians, Pit Bulls can be amazing, sweet pups just like any other! To learn more about Jake’s inspiring journey, visit his very own Facebook page!

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All image source: Jakes Page/Facebook