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Kiara the piglet was found in the most terrible state – cold, injured, paralyzed, and on the verge of death. The baby pig was discovered lying in a dumpster, surrounded by trash, but thankfully someone brought her right to RESQ Charitable Trust.

Kiara arrived at the rescue only a month ago – but the progress she has made since that lucky day shows what a special little animal she is. Only one week into her stay, she began walking again and her wounds started to heal. After a month of intensive treatment, the piggy is fully recovered and she can now run on all four legs!

RESQ is looking for someone who can give this sweet pig a loving forever home, if you are interested in adopting Kiara, fill out the adoption form.

You can help RESQ save more animals like her by donating here.

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6 comments on “Piglet Found Near Death in a Dumpster Makes an Unbelievable Transformation Thanks to Rescue Team (VIDEO)”

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barb brandt
9 Months Ago

Love to see that people are helping animals expecially in this terrible cold. Someone abandoned about 8 cats next door or they found a shelter under a horder\'s car. He got mad and started going nut over these cats so they ended up in my yard. One was pregnant and had kittnes within a week. Then they disappeared. I was afraid he killed them. Then I found a girl kept them for a week. She gave them to me for the mom cat who was so upset So I had my own tragedy of two 1 0 year old cats dying last month. I took in the mom and her kittens and put food out for the others. I tried to get help but found out in my town people are paid to trap and release cats. How absurd. they trap them to spay them and then release them to survive on their own. I have asked the national SPCA to look into this because I have found out people like me end up trying to take care of these cats and many are old, some are going to have babies. I am on Social Security so I have a tight budget so I am trying to hook up with other people trying to rescue these animals. It is not clear if we can get help from adoption people like those that I used to help in New Brunswick. I have no car so I am not able to look into this. What I have done during this terrible snow storm is put out food, take it in when it is too cold to eat and replace it.twice a day. I have a barn like garage from 19 30 to it is not great for warmth but I built a shelter inside the garage and now I am going to get hay bales to build a shelter inside the shelter so they have warmth. I have no idea how to find these animals homes and I found out some of the kittens were males and are actively seeking females so I have to get them spade. I hope I can find other people that are doing this and hear about some of them but dont know where they are located. Meanwhile, I eat less because I hae to feed these cats and I have to make sure they are in my basement when it is just too cold to be in the garage. I think things will be ok for them for now but really worried about the future. I am 74 and I purposely do not adopt dogs anymore because I know how hard it is for dogs to be placed. I always had dogs. My old cats (2) are upset but I keep them separate and away from the out side animals even when it snowed . One of my ideas is to get these abandoned animals to trust a human. If they can do this, they can be adopted I have given hem names, call them to eat when I know they will not respond until I am in the house. I let them sit next to the kitchen door when it is open so they can get used to activity and they like all of this but are really scared. My idea is to talk to them, invite them in, treat them like I would my own but never touch them to scare them. They seem to be able to com ein and hide in the kitchen. some cannot do this but they like to watch. Small steps. Not sure I can do this for long term but hoping it will help make them adoptable. Kittens help because they show no fear and love to explore and the abandoned animals like to watch them. I wish I could adopt a pig or a dog or live the life I did years ago but I know that people my age are unrealistic. Meanwhile, hoping I can get a job again at a local hospital helping in a a program that assists elderly people since I already did this on my own in my neighborhood when a women was lost. That money will help me figure out what I can do for these lost animals === like get them spade and neutered. Maybe even work with SPCA to get them homes. Tra[ amd Release needs to be fixed or the goals changed to be realistic. Hopeful the shelter SAVE near a town where I used to live will take the kittens for adoption.

Michele Campbell Meduim
9 Months Ago

So glad piglet is safe from assholes now

9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

I hope they are VERY CAREFUL where this cutie goes, they need several references or a credible animal sanctuary to adopt her..

Seth Tyrssen
9 Months Ago

I cannot begin to express my degree of loathing and contempt for anyone who would treat an animal like this. So glad this little guy was found and helped.

M Leybra
9 Months Ago

Stick to stories like this, those Care 2 no-detail, half-stories of animal cruelty by unnamed, un-prosecuted sadists are not worth re-posting & nothing but miserable downers leaving people to just ring their hands in frustrated empathy.


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