Oftentimes, out of darkness comes light. That light shined on one lucky pig named Flynn who now lives a fulfilling life at the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

Flynn’s inspiring story started when he and dozens of other pigs were on their way to a fattening farm when disaster struck. The truck transporting the poor pigs was involved in a serious crash leaving many of the pigs dead. As heartbreaking as it is, the life they were headed to is also just as heartbreaking. Flynn however, escaped both of these sad fates and ended up at the sanctuary.


Now, Flynn is living the life, enjoying belly rubs, long naps, hanging out with his friend Forest … and his third birthday this month! Turning three may not seem like much but for a pig, it’s actually pretty amazing since most pigs on factory farms don’t make it past seven months.

While some people might find it comforting to think of their food as something separate or different than the sentient animal we see above, the reality is that this is nothing more than a social construct … and something we can readily change ourselves just by opening our hearts and our eyes.

The Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary works every day to change this mentality by educating the public and allowing them to come and meet the animals face-to-face, allowing for a real connection to take place. That connection being – that farm animals deserve no less than animals kept as pets.

To make a donation to the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary and help animals like Flynn live a better life, click here.