It’s a sad day for Pit Bulls in the city on Montreal and we need only look into the eyes of one dog to understand the pain of many. Lucky, the dog in the photo below, is a senior dog who has become an unfortunate victim of the breed specific legislation (BSL) that has just been passed in Montreal. Going forward, Pit Bulls and dogs like Lucky who might be Pit Bull mixes must be muzzled and kept on a four-foot leash whenever they step outside of their home.

This means that gentle dogs who have known the joy of playing fetch with their human in the park, socializing with their doggy friends, or running freely in a dog run can no longer do the things that they love. From this day forward, they can only be witnesses to the freedom that dogs who don’t look like Pit Bulls have. Erika, Lucky’s mom posted the photo below on the very first day this pup had to wear a muzzle. At nine-years-old, the way this senior dog is being treated at the hands of the law is abhorrent.


Lucky’s mom, wrote “this picture breaks my heart in so many ways… We tried to make it positive but to her, it is not and she cowers down. “

This Heartbreaking Photo Shows the Innocent Victims of Breed Specific Legislation


The plight of Lucky and other Bully-breeds is unfair. Period. Thanks to BSL and social stigmas, Pit Bulls stand almost no chance of surviving public animal shelters — as is, their euthanasia rate is around 93 percent. It breaks our heart to think of what this means for any Pit Bull who enters a Montreal shelter. Short leashes and barbaric muzzles are being forced onto these dogs with the intention of “protecting” the public from vicious dog attacks, yet breed has not been identified as a factor in the leading causes of dog bites. Not to mention, identifying a dog as a Pit Bull is completely subjective — the term actually refers to a host of different types of dogs and many dogs who are wrongfully labeled as Pit Bulls end up paying with their life.

What’s more, BSL wastes the public’s money. According to Best Friends Animal Society’s calculator that shows the fiscal impact of BSL, the city of Miami (which enforces BSL) has spent $603,445 annually … and seen no positive outcome for dog bite reduction. In addition, legitimate organizations like the Humane Society of the U.S., United Kennel Club, the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Kennel Club, and so many more oppose BSL.

Luckily, the SPCA de Montreal is taking action by suing the city for this disgusting law. It’s time to stop targeting innocent dogs. No more families should be torn apart. Stand up against BSL by sharing this photo to help spread awareness about the plight of Pit Bulls.

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Image source: Sophie Gamand/Facebook