Teddy and Harley are two very special little dogs who were rescued from the terrible conditions that exist in puppy mills.  Often, puppy mills are the primary suppliers of pet stores and ads selling “purebred” puppies for hundreds of dollars. But sadly, despite the high price-tag, the conditions in which these puppies are raised are anything but top-notch,

Puppy mill dogs spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages with no medical attention, and many of them suffer from skin, eye, and dental diseases. Breeding dogs will never leave the facility and the profits from the sale of their puppies only go back to the cruel humans who hold them captive. Unfortunately, life for the puppies isn’t much better as most end up suffering from health and behavioral problems, no matter how much someone paid for them. And yet, despite all this suffering, many people are still unaware that puppy mills even exist and continue to purchase dogs from pet stores entirely oblivious of the cruelty they are funding.


This is why the work of National Mill Dog Rescue is so important.

Meet Teddy and Harley, two former mill dogs – both saved by National Mill Dog Rescue – who have made it their life’s mission to raise awareness for others like them! 

chihuahuas against pupy mills



This amazing organization is fighting tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs that they find living in heartbreaking and inhumane puppy mill conditions. Some of them, like the two dogs pictured above, stand out because of particular hardships that they have overcome. Teddy was completely terrified of people when he was rescued and would growl at anyone who came near him. But with time and dedication, he was finally able to regain his trust of humans and has become the face of puppy mill awareness.


Poor Harley has a slightly different story, as the horrific conditions he endured while in a puppy mill ended up costing him his eye! He has also learned to trust again and has even appeared on the cover of Modern Dog magazine. Without the intervention of the National Mill Dog Rescue, neither one of these sweet fellas would have ever had the opportunity to experience the love of a human, but since their rescues, these two little hero’s have become ambassadors for rehabilitated doggies everywhere.

Seeing these little guys in their capes reminds us that anyone can be a hero for animals! All it took was for kind people to step in and take these pups out of their former lives to inspire this entire movement.


If you would like to help the National Puppy Mill Dog Rescue in their life-saving mission, visit their website.

Image source: National Mill Dog Rescue