If you ever been lucky enough to spend time with a cow, then you already know they are extremely intelligent and emotional animals. Did you know that cows, just like humans, have best friends? Studies have shown that when cows are with their best friends, their stress levels decrease and when separated from them, their stress levels increase. Sounds pretty familiar, huh? Like humans, cows seek pleasure and love to play. When let outside after being cooped up for too long, cows run, prance and jump with joy. Cows also have strong maternal bonds and are attentive, protective, and loving parents.

This sweet photo shared by an Imgur user shows all animals, regardless of species, want to be loved. 


Cows are just like our cats and dogs. They crave affection and enjoy building bonds and relationships with others – no matter the species. Sadly, because cows and other farm animals are typically considered “food,” they are treated like commodities rather than individuals. Most never get to experience the incredible bonds of family or friendship. Instead, they are subjected to a life filled with fear, stress, and sadness – but we can change that.

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Image Source: /Imgur