Philadelphia Passes 'Meat-Free Mondays' Resolution

Amazing news for all you Green Monsters in the City of Brotherly Love! Philadelphia has just unanimously passed a resolution urging its citizens to embrace the Meatless Monday movement as a way of “improving their health and decreasing their carbon footprint.”

In a Humane League press release, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown said, “The beauty of ‘Meatless Monday’ is that it does not demand an ‘all or nothing’ approach. It offers a challenge that is ‘do-able,’ one day a week in a creative, catchy way. I believe it will resonate, especially with young people, who are all about mobilizing and sharing experiences through social media, like we see with ‘Throwback Thursdays.’ I am eager to add it to my calendar!”


Her colleague, Councilman Bill Green adds, “I am happy to bring attention to this important issue. We can combat the epidemic of obesity, improve long-term health outcomes and potentially reduce the impact of livestock on global warming through this one, simple effort.”

The Meatless Monday movement was initiated in 2003 by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in order to tackle the national obesity epidemic and reduce the environmental impact of intensive livestock production. Aspen, Colorado, was the first city to pass an official Meatless Monday resolution back in June 2011.

Since then, the movement has been growing in strength. In San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Syracuse (NY), and most recently, Montgomery County, Maryland, Meatless Mondays have become well-established community events, incorporating vegetarian and vegan recipe tastings, “Dinner and Movie” nights, and special restaurant promotions.

Meatless Mondays have proven to be an effective way of reaching out to those who may be fearful about the idea of adopting a permanent vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, urging them to reconsider their intake of animal protein and take steps to improve their personal health and well-being.


As Rachel Atcheson, Philadelphia director for the Humane League, puts it, “By working more healthy, plant-based meals into their diets each week, Philadelphians can make a big difference.”

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons