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This is appalling! In Craigavon, Northern Ireland, an 11-week-old puppy named Sparky was hit over the head with a hammer and then tossed into a microwave, resulting in his death. Police Service of Northern Island (PSNI) report that the details of the incident and accompanying videos were posted on social media platforms, including Snapchat. Sparky’s death understandably caused outrage from the local Craigavon community, as well as hundreds of animal lovers worldwide.

The two suspects, ages 16 and 23, have been arrested and questioned on suspicion of inflicting needless suffering and ultimately, death, on the puppy.

One of the suspects has since been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, thanks to substantial evidence. While Sparky’s horrific death shouldn’t have happened in the first place, we are glad he is getting justice.


“Animal cruelty will not be tolerated, and hopefully the last couple of cases in this district have demonstrated that these aren’t just words and that we will do everything we can to protect our furry friends, and get them justice where crimes are committed,” PSNI shared on their Facebook.

We are glad to see animal abuse taken seriously, considering how it’s strongly linked with other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence and child abuse. Some incidents of animal cruelty go unreported because of a lack of understanding of what is considered neglect. There are signs to look out for when identifying animal abuse and neglect. It’s good to know the signs in case you ever come across an incident of animal abuse.

It’s also important to note that it can take more than reporting animal abuse to the authorities. To help in prosecuting the abuser, the best thing you can do is to document the details, dates, and times of any incidents and contact animal control immediately.

For a comprehensive hotline directory to help rescue abandoned, injured or stranded animals, check out One Green Planet’s animal rescue hotlines. It’s important to have handy should you ever come across an animal in need.

If the local Craigavon community hadn’t come together to bring justice for Sparky, his abuser may have walked!

Image Source: PSNI Craigavon/Facebook 

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0 comments on “Finally! Cruel Person Who Microwaved a Puppy Brought to Justice”

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johanna janssen
2 Months Ago

Same thing should be done to those sadists . An eye for an eye !!

Raymond Marine
2 Months Ago

That Was A Cute Puppy, He Should Have Just Given It Away to A Neighbor.

Muriel Servaege
3 Months Ago

The death penalty should be restored for crimes like this one.

Seth Tyrssen
4 Months Ago

And to think, these deranged sadists thought it amusing to post it on social media. Proof positive that some people should have their heads twisted off at birth. Under my benevolent dictatorship, these guys and all like them will GO TO THE WALL.

8 Months Ago


Katherine Ustick
8 Months Ago

Who is with me on this ? We need to bring back capital punishment for crimes like this.

Jovy Jergens
8 Months Ago

Thank you for bringing these walking abominations to justice! Please post their pictures on the internet so people can be fairly warned to keep their children, pets and vulnerable family members away from them! Nobody wants their loved ones contaminated by this walking sewage.

8 Months Ago

So horrific to hear what humans are capable of doing. Who knows what horrible acts of violence these kids might do in the future and I am so glad at least one has been charged. This poor puppy. My heart breaks.

07 Feb 2018

Where are the pictures of the thoughtless 16 and 23-year-olds? That would surely be justice to be known for the sort of people they grew up to be. Their parents and/or siblings would be as outraged and ashamed as anyone else at their lack of empathy for a pretty little defenseless puppy. My heart is sickened by what they did. Cowards.

02 May 2018

Or, what they have already done and were never caught.

02 May 2018

As for parents and siblings being outraged, perhaps empathy was never taught by the parents, period.

Seth Tyrssen
8 Months Ago

This pup will be "getting justice" when a SERIOUS penalty is handed to these two bastards. They have no place in civilized society. Hopefully they\'ll be victims of a mysterious drive-by shooting.


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