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Animal lovers will go to incredible lengths to help an animal in need. We recently shared the amazing video of Hope for Paws rescuing a Pit Bull who had stood vigil by her dead friend for two weeks, as well as the story of the New York Police Department officer who saved two birds making him a true animal hero. Seeing these positive stories of people helping animals gives us hope for the future of animals. And this story is doing just that!

Officer Dean with the Memphis Aco found two baby opossums and instead of doing nothing, he drove one and half hours from Memphis, Texas to take the opossums to the non-profit, Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo. Talk about a big heart! 


The littles one are now safely at the rehabilitation center, getting the help they need, all thanks to Officer Dean’s dedication to help them! 



Unfortunately, at no fault of their own, opossums often have a bad reputation. They are generally thought of as scary and ugly-looking creatures, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and it stems from many misunderstandings. For example, they are not rodents, like many people believe, but marsupials – and they are the only marsupials in North America. Just like kangaroos, opossum mothers carry their babies in their pouches and, when they are born, little opossums are perfectly tiny and hairless. But when the time comes to leave mom’s pouch, these little fellows are already fluffy and adorable little cuties.

Opossums also help humans out in more ways than one, by eating garden pests, venomous snakes (since they are immune to their venom), and destroying ticks. They are the masters of trickery to survive danger, having been known to “play dead” when they feel threatened.

This fantastic rescue action saved two little lives and is great proof that there are people who appreciate and understand that every life is worth saving. Rescues like this one are incredibly important – but it is also essential to take care of one’s own safety and the well-being of the animal in question. Whenever possible in case of an animal rescue, remember to always consult a professional first!

To learn more about the Wild West Rehabilitation Center’s work, click here.

Image source: West West Rehabilitation Center/Facebook

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Charmaine Shannon
11 Months Ago

Thank-You to this Kind Gentleman !!!! This is going Beyond the Duties of a Job but Well Worth Saving 2 Little Lives !! As told in this Article, "EDUCATION" is the Key to preventing Senseless Deaths of Our Wildlife !! Every Life has Purpose and Deserves to Live ....

Sharon Ponsford
1 Years Ago

Opossums are very beneficial animals. Good for Officer Dean for saving these two and getting them to a wildlife rescue center. We need those little guys out there cleaning up the environment.

1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

thank you for rescuing these two babies. i live by a lake and i have seen an oppossum a few time at night
they are beautiful creature - a few weeks ago, i found a baby which had drown in the pool. i was very upset
and wonder how the mother would feel. i burried the little one and hope that the mother was not heart broken.

Jeff Biss
1 Years Ago

What a great guy! Thanks for helping!

1 Years Ago

Thank you to this man. The world needs more people like him with his heart for animals...hopefully he\'s #vegan.


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