Vegan tuna for everyone! Ocean Hugger Foods, a plant-based company most notably known for their vegan “Ahimi” tuna, has teamed up with Aramark, a global leader in food service, facilities, and uniforms to bring their vegan tuna to the masses!

Thanks to this new partnership, Ocean Hugger Foods’ ground-breaking Ahimi tuna will be served in a range of poke bowls developed as part of the collaboration between the two companies. The menus featuring Ahimi will be offered for a limited time at select corporate cafes and college campus dining halls managed by Aramark.


Ahimi, the world’s first plant-based alternative to raw tuna, was created by certified master chef James Corwell and uses just five ingredients: tomatoes, filtered water, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar. With many scientists predicting that fish stocks in our oceans will collapse by the year 2048 due to our increasing demand for salmon and tuna, Ahimi is desperately needed!


“We are honored to partner with such an industry leader as Aramark in addressing the crisis of our oceans and sharing Ahimi® with their customers. Collaborating with Aramark allows us to expand our footprint and reach countless new customers and further our mission,” said David Benzaquen, Ocean Hugger Foods CEO.

Aramark has stepped up their plant-based game lately as they recently debuted new vegan options at MLB stadiums for this season. Aramark also has an exciting partnership with animal welfare organization, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) conducting a series of plant-based culinary classes to help train more than 1,000 Aramark chefs, increasing the availability of vegan cuisine for consumers. Aramark notes that 30 percent of the main dishes served across their dining operations in healthcare, higher education, and business dining are either vegetarian or vegan. A definite step in the right direction!

Now with Aramark’s partnership with Ocean Hugger Foods, we are once again seeing a shift towards a more sustainable food system. The U.S. eats around 225 fish a year and studies have shown that our oceans actually ARE running out of fish. Being able to replace at least a portion of seafood with plant-based alternatives could play a huge role in helping struggling marine populations recover.

Want to learn more about the plant-based seafood alternative that is being raved about by top sushi distributors and the business behind it? In an episode of the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast, David Benzaquen, the CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods, explained how their revolutionary Ahimi tuna replacement is changing the world of sushi.

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Image Source: Ocean Hugger Foods