Offering a wide range of stylish, durable activewear and outdoor sports gear for men and women, The North Face has long been a favorite brand of outdoor enthusiasts across the nation. Now, the brand just got even better for those who love our planet just as much as they love exploring it: The company recently launched an environmentally-friendly line called The North Face Renewed. Comprised of returned and defective products that have been restored to like-new quality and are now available online at a discounted price, this collection aims to cut down on waste and help the company transition to a more circular business model.

As The North Face points out on its website, more than 85 percent of our textiles wind up in the landfill. With its Renewed line, the brand is hopeful that it can help decrease the senseless scrapping of perfectly good clothing, shoes, and gear and create a world “where people share, resell, repair and recycle clothing to keep them out of landfills and in the value chain — a world where people can have more experiences with less waste.”


While this is the brand’s first foray into offering recycled apparel, it’s by no means the first time the company has considered the environment. Ever since its founding in 1966, the retailer has prided itself on creating products that are designed to last for life — every item sold by the brand actually comes with a lifetime guarantee — to help conserve our Earth’s precious resources. Still, the outdoor gear company wanted to do even more to reduce waste, prompting it to create the Renewed line.

In addition to curbing waste, another major benefit of this collection is that it will make The North Face’s products more accessible to individuals who cannot afford to buy them new, thus creating more business for the eco-conscious company.

At this point, The North Face’s Renewed collection is only in its pilot stage, but the brand’s General Manager and Vice President Tim Bantle indicated that the goal is for this line to stick around. Bantle reportedly stated, “I have every hope that this will become a kind of a permanent fixture inside the brand.”

We absolutely love the concept of the Renewed collection, and we’re optimistic that it will quickly catch on with consumers and inspire other brands to create their own planet-friendly lines!


Image Source: Unsplash