When the team at Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary in Australia, heard of a proposed cull of four wild goats, they sprang into action. They said of the rescue, “…we wanted to give it our best shot (pardon the pun)- it was, after all, Christmas- a time of joy and goodwill.”

They gathered up a friend, who was handy with a dart gun, to track the goats in the countryside and bring them in safely. This task was not easy in the hot Australian sun and high grasses, but eventually all four goats were loaded up and taken to Edgar’s Mission where they will now live out their lives.


There, they all received names to start anew: The largest male goat who leads the group is named after the biblical character Job, noted for his incredible patience, because the team says “it was the patience of a Saint that we we’re all required to evoke to make this rescue possible.” Harriet is small and brown, who is the most welcoming of the four, her sister Heidi shows that trust must be earned, and the oldest of the group is now known as Nana – her broken horn and crippled front leg make her one goat that ” you just want to cuddle and love forever and whisper in her sage-like ear that everything will be all right.”

It’s a wonderful Christmas story from everyone at Edgar’s Mission, and also to the people that helped them give the goats a chance at continuing out their lives. The team says it best when it comes to why they do what they do, “…Job was wearing a collar (and a very tight one at that) and was castrated; this tells us that he was indeed someone’s goat at one time.  But for now he remains nobody’s goat, for he and his buddies are not possessions, they are sentient beings, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that they will be treated as someone, not something forevermore.”

See the rescue unfold in the video below: