We are so delighted to share this adorable video of Baby Luca prancing around happily. He doesn’t know it yet, but he has a lot to be happy about! His life at Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary is starkly different from the one experienced by most male calves born to dairy cows. Since they can’t be raised to produce milk themselves, males are usually sold for veal.

Thankfully, his beautiful mother Beatrice was rescued from the sad fate of a dairy cow and now has a safe and peaceful life at the sanctuary. Baby Luca is only a DAY old and watching him prance around with his mom is sure to warm your heart. Isn’t this the life every baby deserves?


We can all help make a difference for these animals by opting out of the cruel factory farming industry and choosing plant-based alternatives instead. Only once we start to see these animals as someones rather than somethings can we truly build a more compassionate world.