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Despite being powerful symbols of the great Wild West and the American spirit of freedom, wild horses are losing a vicious battle against human populations. Some of you may be aware that big cattle ranches and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) routinely target wild horses in order to expand the grazing areas for cattle, and it is pushing wild horse populations toward extinctionWild horses and cows coexist peacefully and there is no sound reason to cull these horses, but that does not stop the BLM from chasing them down with helicopters, rounding them up into trucks, and sending them to holding facilties, where these once wild and free horses become prisoners, and many are even sold and butchered for their meat to be sold around the world. As if all this were not enough, wild horses in the Stagecoach Valley in Nevada are now under threat due to plans for a massive housing development of over 1,400 suburban homes.

A petition on Care2 has been set up to defend the natural land rights of these magnificent horses who have called the desert valley their home long before humans set up camp. The petition’s author states, “Such a huge population increase in this rural valley endangers more than these horses. It will pollute the air and water and end many other desert creature‘s ability to thrive as well as being able to roam free in the valley.” The Nevada Department of Agriculture has plans to capture the wild horses in the area and send them to an unnamed organization, where they will never again be able to roam freely.


PLEASE take a moment to sign the petition to stop this housing development from taking over the territory of our iconic American wild horses.

Many people are still completely unaware wild horses are culled by the government, so please make sure you share this with your network!

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Pixabay