Chico is a 17-year-old quarter horse who was rescued from the Calico Dairy last year by the SPCA in Houston Texas. He was one of 207 animals who were living there under horrendous conditions, however, this particular boy was a special case, due to the severity of his condition. When they found Chico, he was all skin and bones.

 The poor horse was so emaciated and malnourished that he was unable to walk the short distance to the rescue vehicle that waited for him. After slipping on a patch of mud, poor Chico went down and was unable to get up.

emaciated horse



Some would have seen this and said that this horse was beyond saving, but the good people at the Houston SPCA did not give up on him. Quickly, they administered an on-site emergency IV drip, which provided him with just enough nutrients to get up again. Soon, he was on his way to safety, where he began his remarkable recovery.

In just a few months, Chico gained 20 pounds. He was clearly feeling better and his coat was regaining some of the fur lost to malnutrition. Despite the cruelty of his past, Chico trusted the staff at the Houston SPCA to help him, and they did just that.

emaciated horse 2

A year later, Chico has reached a healthy weight and made an amazing recovery. His coat now has a glowing, healthy luster, but more importantly, his spirit has grown incredibly strong! 

emaciated horse 3



Currently, Chico is living at one the Houston SPCA’s Texas facilities and is waiting for his forever home. Without the help of the Houston SPCA, horses like Chico would have nowhere to turn. If you would like to donate to this life-saving rescue, you may reach their website here.