A recent video posted on the Glass Walls Facebook page shows the heartbreaking reality of what happens every day on dairy farms across the globe. The cow featured recently gave birth, only to have her baby stolen from her without any regard. Cows crave affection, have emotions, and have feelings just like any other living being. In this sense, they are no different from your household pets! In fact, cows are very social animals that can make lifelong friends, avoid others, and form strong bonds with their young. Knowing this, how could anyone be ok with separating this poor mother from her child?

Sadly, this most likely won’t be the last time she is separated from her baby. Many people don’t realize that in order for a mother cow to produce milk, she has to give birth. Unfortunately, because that milk is often designated for human consumption and profit, dairy calves are taken away from their mothers. For most babies born on farms, they will either be doomed to the same fate as their mothers or raised for meat. Either way, this isn’t the sort of life, suffering, or hopelessness any living being should be exposed to.


We can all help make a difference for these animals by opting out of the cruel factory farming industry and choosing plant-based alternatives instead. The good news is that based on the rapidly rising numbers in the dairy-free markets, consumers are actively looking for healthier alternatives to dairy proteins. This is a trend seen both domestically and globally with the plant-based milk market set to hit $16.3 billion this year.

Only once we start to see these animals as someones rather somethings can we truly build a more compassionate world.

Image Source: Jenny Hill/Unsplash