Though it is no longer a popular practice, bear bile farming is still legal in China, which means animals are still suffering. Cloud the Moon Bear was one of those animals. Cloud endured extreme pain and cruelty while living in a tiny cage for over a decade –  even losing a great majority of his tongue during his time in captivity. Thanks to Animals Asia, however, Cloud the Moon Bear is no longer a victim, he is a survivor. Cloud is now a healthy, safe, and happy Moon Bear. He is living out his days exploring, eating his favorite foods, and soon will be making new friends.

The practice of consuming bear bile has existed in Asia for thousands of years, and sadly, because of the medicinal properties of this product, innocent animals are either killed or enslaved to have the fluid extracted. Moon Bears and Sun Bears are the most sought after victims of this cruel practice.


Animals Asia has introduced many different ways to curb the bear bile industry. They have rescued hundreds of bears between China and Vietnam from bear bile farms. Additionally, they have actually gone to the villages where the practice of consuming bear bile is most popular and treated villagers in need with modern alternatives. By educating and campaigning Animals Asia is committed to ending the bear bile industry forever.

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