At the Beirut Airport, two little monkeys trafficked from Ghana were stopped by the Customs. The animals were shipped in a plastic cat crate and the people attempting to get them past the border had no paperwork with the shipment and no CITES permits. Thanks to the Lebanese authorities, this was, fortunately, the end of the monkeys’ journey with the traffickers.

The organization Animals Lebanon was soon contacted by the Beirut Airport Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture, who asked the group to take the monkeys under their care while the case is under investigation. The animals have been moved into the necessary quarantine and undergone a medical check. They are now getting all the proper care and attention and are doing well.


As Animals Lebanon points out, the incident took place just a few days before the new Animal Protection and Welfare Law was enacted. Had it already been in force, the trafficker could have faced up to a 50 million lira fine and two years in prison.

We’re glad these monkeys are now getting the care they need and such law is finally in place – we can’t wait to see the incredible progress this will yield for animals everywhere!

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