When this adorable long-tailed macaque, Jack, was just a baby, he and his mother were taken from the wild to be sold as bushmeat. Tragically, his mother was killed, however, when a concerned resident discovered what was happening, he stepped in and prevented hunters from killing Jack. Unfortunately, though Jack was spared, he became a captive pet.

Jack spent his life chained to a tree without any access to proper nourishment.  He started displaying aggressive behavior and was biting his keeper’s children so the family contacted Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) for help. The team immediately stepped in and rescued Jack from life as a pet.

YAY! Another Primate Freed from Chains!

The long-tailed macaque is quickly becoming threatened due to the exotic pet trade in addition to being hunted for meat and trophies. They’re also the victims of lab experiments and female macaques are often taken to breeding facilities while males are exported for research.

YAY! Another Primate Freed from Chains!

Thankfully, Jack won’t have to endure any of that now that he’s at WFFT. Instead, he is relaxing and trying lots of new foods – check out that mango! 

YAY! Another Primate Freed from Chains!

We’re so glad Jack was rescued by this amazing team! After a period of quarantine, Jack will be introduced into an open field, and have the opportunity to interact and form bonds with adult and young macaques who have also been rescued! Jack’s story further reminds us that primates belong in the wild, not in chains!

All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook