We’ve long adored Miyoko’s Kitchen, a plant-based company that makes craft artisanal vegan cheeses, cream cheeses, and butter. So much so that we didn’t think we could fall harder for their creamy goodness … but then the company announced that they are crushing plastic and opting instead for more eco-friendly packaging for their butter! Yes! 

Instead of being vacuum-wrapped in plastic (yuck), Miyoko’s butter will now be sold in 100 percent vegan wax paper. The butter will then be packaged in a box, not a sleeve, and both the paper and box will be recyclable. Two big ol’ thumbs up to that!


“We are always striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, and this is one of many steps we will take to move forward in our mission to be kinder to our planet,” Miyoko’s shared on Facebook alongside the announcement. 


Not only is food waste a huge issue in the United States (about 40 percent of edible food gets thrown in the trash every year, leading to massive waste problems) there is also a problem with food packaging. According to the EPA, nearly a third of U.S. landfills are occupied by packaging. But thanks to leading companies such as Miyoko’s Kitchen, we are seeing innovative food packaging alternatives.

Miyoko’s is already making a huge impact by offering dairy-free products (dairy production is responsible for an excess of air and water pollution, in addition to outrageous greenhouse gas emissions) but by offering eco-friendly packaging, Miyoko’s is furthering their mission to bring truly sustainable products to consumers!

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Image Source: Miyoko’s Kitchen