The future of food is indeed plant-based, and the world’s first all-vegan food hall in Miami is more proof that plant-based food is taking over the world!

The new concept, called The VShops, is still in development with just two operating vendors at the moment — an all-vegan cafe called Choices and a juice and smoothie bar called Neo’s Blender that caters to both children as well as adults. Five more vendors will open up shop at the food hall in 2018, but The VShops will not be revealing who those vendors are until it is closer to their debut.


Choices president Lori Zito told the Miami New Times that Choices Cafe’s founder Alex Cuevas started The Vshops because he wanted to make his dream of an all-vegan food hall a reality.

Zito stated, “With the rise of the plant-based movement, and with so many new vegan eateries popping up in Miami and beyond, [Cuevas] noticed that he was still never able to enjoy a wide variety of choices at food-hall-type venues — whether in traditional food-court settings or even with the recent rise of upscale food halls … He connected with like-minded investors and operators to start Miami’s very first 100 percent vegan food hall … His vision was, and is, to create a space with a diverse range of all the amazing types of food a vegan would want to have in one place.”

The VShops is located at: 2895 McFarlane Rd., Coconut Grove.

To learn more about The VShops and keep posted on their updates and new vendors, visit their Facebook page here.


Given the positive impact that eating more plant-based foods can have on the planet, it’s so great to see this food hall come to life! To learn more about how your food choices impact our planet, check out the Eat for the Planet book!

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Image Source: The VShops Food Hall/Facebook