Eating plant-based just got a whole lot easier! The Monday Campaigns has partnered with Postmates, a company that operates a network of couriers to deliver food, for their Meatless Monday campaign! Starting today, Postmates will have an Earth Day category available on their website, as well as their iOS or Android app, where consumers can opt to have a meatless meal delivered right to their door!

“On the first Monday of each month, Postmates provides meatless catering to employees in both our San Francisco headquarters and our Nashville Customer Service and Operations office. We are excited to amplify our own efforts to institute Meatless Monday by sharing great vegetarian and vegan restaurants with our customers,” said Disney Petit, Civic Labs Manager at Postmates.


This is an impactful partnership when you take into account that Postmates has the largest on-demand delivery fleet in the U.S., with more than 160,000 Postmates in more than 50 U.S. metropolitan markets. This partnership will allow countless people to access healthy, sustainable, and convenient meatless meals in a super simple manner. By going meatless just one day a week, you can reduce your carbon footprint, save precious water and land resources, and save countless animals from the brink of extinction! Pretty awesome reasons to order in.

Postmates and Meatless Mondays are also giving people exactly what they want. In 2017, a survey by DDG Research for the Monday Campaign polled 1,000 respondents and revealed that 29 percent would like to see Meatless Mondays at fast-food restaurants and 27 percent opted for sit-down restaurants. Another survey in 2015 revealed that people want the Monday Campaign to encourage the public to eat meat-free and locally!

Check out Postmates and choose a delicious meatless meal this Monday! Be sure to spread the word by sharing this post within your network!

If you’re looking for more information on how going meatless can make a difference, check out the new #EatForThePlanet book, packed with fact-rich graphics!



Image Source: Meatless Monday/Facebook