McDonald’s, Gerber Won’t Use GMO Apple — But What About Other Companies and Ingredients?

Although it looks like Washington state won’t say yes to GMO labeling, McDonald’s and Gerber are saying no to the GMO apple.


The world’s largest restaurant chain and the leading baby food manufacturer told Friends of the Earth that they do not plan to sell or use the Arctic® apple, the first genetically engineered apple, which has an application pending before the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Gerber said its plan is to avoid GMOs in fruit and vegetable purees for babies, while McDonald’s only said it has no plans to use the GMO apple, which uses a method to turn off the apple’s natural browning mechanism.

“This is further proof that the market is rejecting GMOs,” Lisa Archer, director of the Food & Technology Program at Friends of the Earth, said.

And, yes, this is good news, because GMOs are scary. But other companies still need to do the same. So, parents and all people against GMOs need to keep making their concerns known to food companies and also support other efforts to require GMO labeling.


Also, McDonald’s still uses other GM ingredients. For example, its french fries include genetically modified canola oil, corn oil and soybean oil.

And Gerber is owned by Nestle, which sells many processed foods with GMOs and has spent more than $2 million fighting GMO labeling voter initiatives in Washington and California.


Do you really want to support these companies?

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Image Source: humboldthead/Flickr