Mark Bittman and the Vegan Before 6 Method (VIDEO)

Mark Bittman, the renowned food writer, New York Times columnist, and author of How to Cook Everything (1998), How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (2007), and Food Matters (2009), has recently written a new diet book called Vegan Before 6. In this book, he discusses the dietary system he adopted six years afoot to cure himself of various weight and medical problems: namely, refraining from all animal products until the evening, and then eating whatever he felt like eating, in moderation.

In a recent GoogleTalks video, Bittman discusses his food writing career, the evolution in his own opinions around food and health, and the various medical problems he experienced that ultimately led him to the following conclusion: “the writing’s on the wall – in future, we’re all going to eat a more plant-based diet.”


Rather than advising his audience members to switch to a wholly plant-based diet straight away, Bittman is in favor of gradual but sustained progress. He envisages most people as existing somewhere along a food spectrum, with one end of the spectrum representing the “Morgan Spurlock / Supersize Me” diet, and the other, a flawlessly healthy plant-based diet.

Referencing the recent UN paper, Livestock’s Long Shadow, Bittman also speaks out against the increased “corporatization” of our modern-day food system, urges his audience to ask themselves what has gone wrong with it, and states that an increased consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes should replace the “highly processed food-like substances” that many Americans consume today.

Bittman’s talk is a breath of fresh air and a thoughtful call to arms, urging us to pay a lot more attention to what we put into our bodies. Watch it below: