Manly Health Food Packaging: A Ridiculous New Food Trend

So food companies have discovered ladies aren’t the only ones doing the grocery shopping. Shocking, right?


Umm, no, not so much. As Midan Marketing, LLC found out, “manfluencers” (as they call them) are responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal prep for their households. But surely this is nothing new? We’ve thankfully moved beyond the limited thinking that men must go to work and females must stay home, cook and clean, and do the grocery shopping. More households are sharing responsibilities and helping each other out and have been for a while. And many guys are single or cooking for themselves or even do most of the cooking for their households.

But food companies, such as Kraft, General Mills, and others, are thinking, wait a minute, we’re not appealing to all the men who are shopping. How can we do that?

Their answer? Make portions larger and make color schemes on packaging darker and more “manly”. According to PSFK, Powerful Yogurt is a Greek yogurt product that launched in March and uses a bull’s head symbol on a red-and-black background with an image of stomach muscles and the slogan: “Find Your Inner Abs” — all to make their product appeal to men. To top it off, a single serving has 20 to 25 grams of protein. Most Americans, especially males, get enough protein already and don’t really need more, even if they’re trying to build more muscle.

Not only do most people not need more protein in their diets, most people also don’t need bigger servings. Big servings do not equal manliness. This is something health-conscious men understand.


So food companies, if you really want to market to both men and women, provide honest information about your products, especially when you’re trying to be “healthy.” If men don’t want yogurt, don’t sell them yogurt. Sell them what they want. Or educate them on why yogurt is good for them without the ridiculous tricks. (Although if you adhere to a plant-based diet, you’ll probably already choose foods other than yogurt to keep your gut healthy.)

Most people, whether male or female, don’t make decisions solely on packaging. But this is another reason why it’s a good idea to seek out health information yourself or read packaging labels and ingredients.

And finally, guys, just because the yogurt you’re buying says “Find Your Inner Abs” doesn’t mean you’re going to magically get a six-pack when you eat it. But most of you get that. And if you want to drink that hard cider, go for it. Even if it does supposedly appeal to women.

Packaging is only on the outside; what really matters is what’s on the inside.