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As avid dog lovers, there is nothing that breaks our hearts more than seeing stories of dogs who were abused or treated wrongly by their guardians. Our dogs put their whole hearts and trust in our hands and in return it’s our responsibility to make sure that they always feel safe and loved. To betray that trust and loyalty is one of the most horrific things a person could do, yet it happens all the time.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to Quint, a Great Dane from Chennai, India. Poor Quint was left tied up to a post by a cruel person who simply left the dog to starve. The dog’s gaunt figure attracted the attention of a kind passerby who contacted the founder of Hotel for Dogs, Shravan Krishnan. Tragically, when Krishnan finally made it to the dog, things looked incredibly bleak.

In the wake of what he saw, Krishnan was inspired to post on Facebook, writing “I don’t know your name. I don’t know your age. I don’t know who dumped you. I don’t know your history. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you and hope you’re in a better place now. We got a call from Karthik Selvaraj about a Great Dane which was abandoned in Royapuram. We tried to move him to a hospital, but unfortunately, he died on the way.




He continued, “Abandoning your dog is the biggest betrayal you could ever do. At least try and leave him at a shelter or seek help from someone. Don’t leave your dog on the road and let him die of starvation and dehydration. This not how a life should end. If I ever meet the person who did this to you, I promise you that I will break his bones! RIP.”

We can definitely echo Krishnan’s sentiments on this. It is absolutely unacceptable to treat an animal like this in any way shape or form. While this poor Great Dane was the sad victim of cruelty, we can only hope that his story helps wake the world up to the reality of this gross problem. We are all responsible for the dogs and animals that we come into contact with and we have a tremendous amount of power to change the world for these creatures. If you ever see an animal that you suspect is being abused, contact one of these animal cruelty hotlines for help. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to us to step in when we can.

To learn more about Hotel for Dogs and the work they do for the dogs of India, click here. 

Image source: Shravan Krishnan/Facebook

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43 comments on “Man Writes a Powerful Message to the Cruel Human Who Callously Starved a Great Dane to Death”

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john pasqua
11 Months Ago

hell awaits all people to not help this great dog in this area ,and let it die like this now.

11 Months Ago

It\'s India what do you expect, a third world country who treat their women as badly as they treat their pets

21 May 2017

What do you expect??? You\'re justifying this action because of the country? I wish i could meet you right now Ali. I would break you. would you like to be chained up, beat and starved to death??? Didn\'t think so, shut your mouth.

Marilynne Pugh
11 Months Ago

There are no bad pets, only bad pet owners. No animal should ever be treated with cruelty. Every owner should mistreats an animal should be jailed, and receive a large, large fine. That fine should be donated to the Animal Shelter in the town where the incident took place.

Dr Thomas Ambrosia
11 Months Ago

This is DISGUSTING and I pray the SOB\'s who did this will suffer the same fate as this poor noble dog.
What bothers me most is there had to be other people in the area saw this happening and did nothing.
Anyone seeing even the hint of such abuse contact the police, animal rescue NOW not a day or two or weeks later.
When I see abuse, dog fighting etc, my blood boils and though a reasonable man I would not hesitate to take physical actionto stop such abuse of any of God;s friends and double for any abuse to anyone human.
Its too late for this Great Dane, but there are 100;s if not thousands of his kind being abused every day in your own area.
Stop the Abuse, Open up your mouth and do something.

11 Months Ago

May the person responsible for this burn in Hell. I\'ll supply the gasoline and matches.

M. Joslin
11 Months Ago

Just as there are humans who should not be allowed to have children, so are humans who should not have pets!!! These living, breathing animals deserve a decent life; they give us so much more than we could EVER give them back! They only ask for love, food, and a decent place to live; in turn, they give us love unconditionally, undying loyalty, and when they world kicks us around, and we think all is lost, they fall into our arms, as to say, "Everything will be all right, I\'m here." Too bad they cannot talk, for they would teach us what it is to be dependent on someone else, and to make the best of life!! We are their caretakers,and have an obligation to make sure they are well taken care of, like they do us!

11 Months Ago

It breaks my heart to see animals treated like this-objects to be ignored, elected, abused, and abandoned. I think of the fear and loneliness they must feel along with the hunger. I consider myself a pretty nice person but in the past ten or so years a streak a violence has started to arise as i sign more and more petitions for animals abused, killed and seized under BSL. My credo has become the biblical \'an eye or an eye\' and I would like to see abusers endure what they put animals through. Drag a dog behind a car? Give the person responsible a ride just like that dog had. i would be glad to do it myself. Animals are not objects and in the end are much better than people. Mind you there are a lot of ticks and lyme disease where I live and it is between the well being of my dogs/me and the ticks . I do kill them rather than have sick or dying dogs but I can not do so without apologizing to them as I feel bad doing it. I hope that karma give the person who did this needs a good kick on the tuchas since i won\'t be able to.

11 Months Ago

The person(using the term "person" loosely) responsible for allowing this regal creature to starve is a fucking piece of excrement and should have his fucking head cut off.

20 May 2017

If you find this person, please advise---I will bring the proper tool

Esther Vidhya Solomon
1 Years Ago

the man should be stoned to death

Gary Garrett
20 May 2017

I agree!!

Anu Singh
1 Years Ago

O my god


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