Even children know that to love and respect an animal, especially a wild animal, one does not really have to see it eye to eye. Lessing Msimanga has proven that truth by doing something incredible – he ran the London Marathon to raise funds for rhinos, even though he had never seen one before. But that was soon to change – the activist and runner has now finally had a chance to meet one of the beautiful animals he helps!

Msimanga was determined to contribute to the cause of saving these wonderful animals that are now, tragically, facing extinction. He worked together with the Investec bank that helps nurture and care for rhinos in need. Together, they managed to raise over $2,200 for Care for Wild, the largest rhino orphanage in the world.


After this incredible show of support for the animals and this dedication to helping them, Msimanga was finally able to meet one himself – he made friends and bottle-fed little Kanya, a six-month-old rhino from the orphanage. “I can’t even describe the feeling,” he said about his incredible encounter with the baby rhino. “Coming to Care for Wild is an honor, is a gift out of this world.” What a beautiful message!

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