In western Turkey’s Mudurnu district, Ali Meşe, an 83-year-old man was trying to light his heating stove with gasoline. At no fault of his own, the situation quickly turned when there was an explosion in the living room and his wooden house burned down.

Thankfully, neighbors noticed the fire and emergency personnel rushed to the scene. The man, his wife, and son were saved just in time. But sadly, 13 of the 14 hens in the basement of the house died in the fire. In a heartwrenching moment of pain, Ali was seen hugging his cat as he tried to process what happened to his house and the dozen hens.


 The powerful moment Ali and his cat shared exemplifies the human-animal bond. 


The photo has since gone viral with many commenting that they want to start a fundraising page to help Ali rebuild his home. According to the Daily Sabah, special adviser to Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalın tweeted, “Let’s keep him and his cat warm,” and noted that the contacted the governor of Bolu province where Ali lives.

Despite the tragic event, we hope Ali was able to find comfort with his cat. If you share your home with a companion animal or even just played with a friend’s companion animal, you know how wonderful and personable they can be. With their innocent faces and nonjudgmental personalities, companion animals are forever bringing peace in our lives.

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Image Source: Daily Sabah/Instagram