Each winter we are reminded to keep our companion animals indoors, yet headlines are still filled with tragic incidents of animals being left out in freezing temperatures, many of whom die or suffer serious injuries like painful and debilitating frostbite. However, there are also kind and compassionate people in the world who do what they can to help animals during the winter days.

In the above video, we see a poor dog in Vladivostok, Russia who got her tongue stuck to a manhole cover (daytime temperatures average five degrees Fahrenheit in the area), and the pain of the struggle is undeniable. Thankfully, a good Samaritan came along and poured water on the dog’s mouth, freeing her from her misery.


It is unclear whether or not this dog is homeless or has a guardian, but she appeared to be ok with no serious injuries. For tips on how you can keep companion animals safe during freezing temperatures, check this out. And if you ever see an animal out in the cold without proper shelter, do not hesitate to contact authorities to address the issue. Your intervention could save an innocent life.

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