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It’s no secret that being around an animal can instantly lift your mood. If you’ve had a hard day and come home to a dog wagging their tail at you or a cat rubbing against your legs, it’s hard to not smile. With their adorable faces and nonjudgmental personalities, companion animals are forever bringing happiness in our lives, cementing the deep human-animal bond we share. If you’re in doubt, just look at this one photo.

The photo shared on Reddit was reportedly taken on a bus in Istanbul, Turkey and shows an older man with a black kitty in his arms, wrapped in a blanket. It’s clear the pair adore each other, given the sweet smile the man has on. The photo has since gone viral with many understandably saying he looks like “the happiest man in the world.”


As any animal lover will tell you, not only do companion animals have the ability to lift our mood, it’s long been known that animals can keep you healthy and balanced in your life. From easing daily stress with hugs and pets to keeping you on the move with walks and playing, companion pets like dogs and cats are fantastic at helping maintain physical and mental health.

Pet parents are generally happier, not as lonely, and tend to be more trusting. Companion pets can also give you a sense of meaning and boost your self-esteem, and they provide you with positive mental energy, by raising serotonin and dopamine levels while decreasing cortisol, just from playing or having a snuggle session.

While we don’t know who the man in this heartwarming photo is, we are sure they will share many more years of happiness together! Be sure to put a smile on someone’s face and share this post!

Image Source: cagedragehere/Reddit 

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3 comments on “Viral Photo of Man Cuddling a Kitten on a Bus Shows the Power of Human-Animal Friendships”

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Elsje Parsons Massyn
9 Months Ago

We were born for animals and it should be normal to have them as intricate members of our family and our lives. They have the power and the ability to lift us out of depression and help build our self-esteem.

John Pasqua
10 Months Ago


Muriel Servaege
10 Months Ago

What a moving picture. An old man with his beloved cat.

Ruth Eisenbud
10 Months Ago

In a judeo.christian nation this teaches us that at certain times, certain animals may be cuddled... it says nothing about a greater more inclusive compassion, found only with AHIMSA:

"For there is nothing inaccessible for death.
All beings are fond of life, hate pain, like pleasure,
shun destruction, like life, long to live. To all life
is dear." Jain Acharanga Sutra.

"These words of the venerable Mahavir found in the
Acharanga Sutra are some of the profoundest ever found
in a religious scripture. They are a result of a
tremendous but simple spiritual discovery: all life is
holy, sacred or God-given. Life, therefore, has
intrinsic values - and all that lives has an interest
in living.

To almost all Jains this will sound obvious. But to
many in the West, this spiritual realisation has been
a long time coming. It is true that many religious
traditions contain notions of non-violence. The first
Buddhist precept is not to kill. The Hebrew Bible
speaks eloquently of how the lion will lie down with
the lamb. And in Christianity there is the idea that
love will finally triumph over violence. But only
Jainism has made ahimsa its central doctrine. It alone
has consistently held the vision of a peaceable world,
realisable by moral effort and spiritual discipline.

A while ago, I was interviewed about the awful record
of Christianity on animals in comparison with Jainism,
and I commented that Jainism in its care and respect
for creation has more understood the Christian
doctrine of love than Christians have themselves.
This may sound a very odd comment coming from a
Christian theologian, and it certainly aroused a lot
of criticism. But I still believe that Jains have
grasped something that most religionists have missed:
to live a life without reverence for life is to lead a
spiritually impoverished life." Rev. Andrew Linsey


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