Hope For Paws received a call about a dog who recently gave birth and was now living with her puppies in a shipping yard. The rescuers quickly found the mama who was eager to get some tasty pieces of food. The security guard turned out not to be happy about their taking the little family away. Fortunately, the team convinced him that the shipping yard was not a good environment for the dogs and promised him that they would find great homes for the mom and her puppies.

The rescuers collected the family and gave everyone names: Agnus for the mama, and Marge, Odis, and Forest for the babies. All four were taken in by LA Animal Rescue and are now living in a loving foster home where they are properly cared for and can play in the sunny backyard all day.


If you are interested in adopting the family, contact LA Animal Rescue here. To learn more about Hope For Paws, click here.