Hope for Paws was at it again with a rescue that gave them quite the runaround, literally! After receiving a call about a dog who gave birth in an industrial park, Eldad and Loreta headed out to the location. They never know what to expect on these rescues so they went prepared with a fence, a soccer net, and of course, a lucky leash.

The mama dog and her puppies were spotted right away, so they secured the area. That didn’t stop the mom from making her exit, as she didn’t want anything to do with these strange people – food or no food! It was important not to lose the mother, so Eldad and Loreta jumped in the car to follow her. Thankfully, the dog entered an area where they could easily set up the soccer net to help catch her at the right time. She most definitely made a run for it, but thanks to Loreta’s quick action and the soccer net (see, it helps to be prepared) they got the mama in no time. Loreta placed the lucky leash around her neck and named her Mopsy.


If you thought the hard part was over, think again! By the time they got back to the puppies, it had gotten dark out and the pups were cuddled up under a ton of pipes. Eldad and Loreta moved the pipes one by one until they saw the little ones underneath and maneuvered them out. Mopsy and her babies Juniper, Figaro, and Jiminy were finally safe! They were given baths and Figaro even got adopted.

If you are interested in adopting Mopsy, Juniper or Jiminy, click here. To make a donation to Hope for Paws, click here.