Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many are scrambling to find the perfect gift to express their love and gratitude. For countless calves born on factory farms, however, they will never know what it is like to have a mother.

Mother cows on factory farms typically have their young taken from them almost immediately after birth. This happens repeatedly, on average, every 12-13 months. Luckily, for this precious boy named Charlie, he was born at Farm Sanctuary where he will forever be safe, loved, and happy with his mother Nancy by his side. Watching the affection between these two is beautiful — don’t all babies deserve the chance to experience a mother’s love?


The life of a factory-farmed cow (or any animal) is one full of despair, abuse, and neglect as experienced by Charlie’s mom Nancy. Most babies born on farms will either be doomed to the same fate as their mothers or raised for meat. Either way, this isn’t the sort of life, suffering, or hopelessness any living being should be exposed to.

We can all help make a difference for these animals by opting out of the cruel factory farming industry and choosing plant-based alternatives instead. Only once we start to see these animals as someones rather than somethings can we truly build a more compassionate world.

Let’s help more innocent animals like Charlie experience the unconditional love of being raised with their mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all beings!

To learn more about how you can help Farm Sanctuary care for their adorable mother/child pairs, click here.