Meet Mac n’ Cheez, a little rescued kitten that arrived at the Massapequa Pet Vet in a Mac ‘n Cheese box. He was brought there by a good samaritan who found him on the streets. According to Massapequa Pet Vet’s Facebook page, Mac, as they call him, was abandoned by his mom and unable to walk. His hind legs are paralyzed, but he does have some feeling!

While there’s hope for Mac to walk once more, for now, he’s cruisin’ around in a make-shift wheelchair. The team searched far and wide for these parts, and now, Mac is able to run about! Listen for his little squeal of joy!


He’s even enjoying a nice swimming in the kiddie – er, kitty – pool! Through rehabilitation and hard work, we know lil’ Mac will be able to thrive in a forever home in no time.

Mac’s also been playing an iPad game that gets his kitty mind a-workin’!

Thanks to the incredible team at Massapequa Pet Vet, we know Mac is destined for a wonderful life. Learn more about Mac and his caretakers by visiting their Facebook page.

Image Source: Massapequa Pet Vet/Facebook