Lulabelle’s fluffy orange coat gives her a prima donna appearance, but underneath it all, Lulabella is a shy cat who is still shaky around people.

Today, she enjoys her life as a permanent resident at the no-kill cat sanctuary, Feline Friends in Feeding Hills, Mass. But before her arrival she was never treated like a queen — she grew up in a life filled with pain and torment.


According to Life with Cats, Lulabelle’s previous owners had used her as “bait” for two large dogs. It is unclear whether Lulabella served as a “bait animal” (one used to train aggression in fighting dogs) or simply for sick entertainment. Either way, her treatment was horrific and wholly unjustified.

The household’s teenage sons also reportedly tossed her around frequently like a football and forced her to eat leftover dog food.

Because of her background, Lulabelle came to Feline Friends very nervous around people.

Today, she tolerates petting for short periods of time, but still “pulls her head back and twitches when touched,” as reported by Life with Cats.


She does enjoy her cat treats though and likes playing with a string toy, but she is usually found in solitude or napping on an armchair at the sanctuary.

Lulabelle is learning to trust people again, but her recovery has been slow. Thankfully, she is in good hands now and will receive the love and care she has deserved all along.

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Image source: Life with Cats