Two very lucky cats are on their way to a forever home … but these aren’t your typical house cats and they aren’t going to your typical forever home! Simba and Saeed are lions and they are heading to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary and Lodge, a division of Four Paws.

This very special pair was rescued from war-torn zoos in Mosul and Aleppo, where they lived in deplorable conditions. According to Dr. Zain Shaheen with Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife, Four Paws partner sanctuary, “they weren’t in the best of shape. They had psychological issues, Saeed didn’t have any mane.” Diana Bernas added, “He was really skinny, he was dehydrated.” Now, thanks to their dedicated caretakers these majestic lions are thriving and ready to live the remainder of their lives safe, cared for, and with other lions.


The journey took Simba and Saeed from Al Ma’wa in Jordan, to the airport, and finally their destination at LIONSROCK. Although very emotional and bittersweet, all of the wonderful people that connected with them are extremely excited and happy for them to finally enjoy life as they should.

We are so ecstatic for these two charming lions and thankful to everyone involved in their rescue and rehabilitation. One can only hope that all lions that are victims of poaching or exploitation have a second chance at happiness like Simba and Saeed.

To learn more about Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife, click here, and LIONSROCK, click here.