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Its hard to imagine a world without the “King of the Jungle,” but if lions continue to be needlessly killed – that is exactly what is going to happen. With less than 20,000 African lions remaining in the wild, you would assume everything is being done to help preserve this majestic species. It seems, however, that officials of the Mpumalanga province in South Africa aren’t taking it seriously. In fact, officials in the tourism office have killed four lions just this year for straying outside Kruger National Park.

The Care2 team is calling out the senseless killings because, with only 1,600 lions that call Kruger home, there are other effective ways of lion control. Other parts of Africa have been able to implement non-fatal and deterrent methods, which proves that killing them is simply a cowardly approach. The provincial officials need to take notes from programs like the Lion Guardians who train and support communities to help protect lions.


If we don’t all lend our support to causes like this one, the lion WILL become another animal that only exists in the history books. Sign the petition and tell the appropriate parties that the needless killing of Africa’s beloved lions is cruel, needless, and unacceptable. They must commit to more humane and non-lethal methods of controlling these wild animals. Take action today … before it’s too late.

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Image Source: Pexels